That One Co-Worker

Let’s face it. We have all had that one co-worker that drives you crazy. Perhaps this person is always doing their work at the last minute, or they just need that one more piece of information before making a decision, taking that one project way too long to finish. Maybe they are always trying to change the plan. Just one person in your whole office can leave you reeling in frustration at the end of each work day. The problem here […]

Dealing With Conflict In The Workplace

Although many people might prefer an article about avoiding conflict in the workplace, that idea is far from realistic. If we trying to avoid conflict than one of two things is happening: either employees are not acting as their authentic selves, or there is no diversity (which opens many other challenges). At Affiance Coaching, conflict implies opportunity to learn to work together to move towards a solution.
People make decisions and react out of their natural instincts, and which can be […]

Why Happiness Matters in the Workplace.

The average American will spend approximately 80,000 working hours during their lifetime. People often associate their job or workplace as a place of stress, unhappiness, incompetence, and being invisible in their company. While not the case for everyone, some people perceive work as a reality they must face every day.
Is there a solution? You may believe that happiness in the workplace is a myth. Or, you may believe that everyone should get through the day doing the best that they […]

Instincts have implications.

3 ways that instincts impact your team (#3 may surprise you).
Guess what? You’re wired in a specific and beautiful way, and that means you have naturally given instincts instilled inside of you. Instincts have implications that affect your career, business, and your teams. In this blog post we’ll identify 3 specific ways that your instincts can impact you professionally, specifically looking at how they affect your team, and how you can harness your instincts to your advantage.
First, let’s define what […]