Challenge Highlight: Working against your natural instincts

We’ve recently encountered a number of clients who think they should operate in a given way, while their instinct is actually very different. This is causing them stress, frustration, and ultimately a drop in productivity. A variety of solutions exist, depending on the specifics of the situation. For example:

<strong>A. Trade tasks with a colleague:</strong>
<li><em>Scenario:</em> Let’s say that you are a Resistant Follow-Thru (3 or below on the blue line). You are working on a project management team, and the first task is to create a timeline for the project. While you may be tempted to volunteer… don’t! This task should go to the person on the team with the highest number in Follow-Thru (the blue line). Your job is to get the group to change course when necessary.</li>
<strong>B. Change the outcome:</strong>
<li><em>Scenario:</em> What if you are an Initiating Quick Start (7 or above on the green line) and your boss wants you to write a blog post for the next newsletter? Your first thought might be… “boring!” But use your innovative talents to think outside the box. Why not instead record a video and post it to the website. Or create a pod-cast.</li>
<strong>C. Align the task with your MO:</strong>
<li><em>Scenario:</em> No matter the task at hand, you can always take a moment to figure out how it aligns with your MO. Always play to the highest number on your Kolbe, as this is your initiating talent. That means:</li>
<li>Fact Finders: Make sure you have the necessary information before moving forward</li>
<li>Follow Thru: Create an outline or timeline</li>
<li>Quick Start: Brainstorm all the possibilities</li>
<li>Implementor: Find the 3D model you need to get started</li>
Tried any of these techniques?  Share your success stories below!

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